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The Doctors at Bobb Chiropractic Center

Dr. Harold Bobb

Dr. Harold Bobb East Moline  Chiropractor

Dr. Harold Bobb

Changing Lives, Changing Careers

Dr. Bobb came to a career in chiropractic through his wife’s life changing chiropractic experience. His wife was plagued by chronic, severe migraine headaches that were so debilitating she would unexpectedly lose her vision. Her frustration grew as one professional after another would examine her and were unable to provide a diagnosis. Chiropractic was suggested as an option, but Dr. Bobb resisted.

“I’d been to a chiropractor for wrestling injuries, but this was much more serious than that.”

Eventually he gave in and took his wife to see a chiropractor. After only six treatments, the doctor had corrected a misalignment and the headaches were gone.

Dr. Bobb was so amazed at how chiropractic helped that less than three months later he abandoned his career as a banker and decided to become a chiropractor.  Read more…

Dr. John Lemke

‘’I want to help you take pride in your health and improve the quality of your life.”

Dr. John Lemke East Moline  Chiropractor

Dr. John Lemke

Seeing Chiropractic’s Potential

In high school, our football and basketball team doctor was a chiropractor who took great care of every player. He treated a variety of issues with great success and kept injuries from derailing our season.

This was my first look into the profession, and it made me realize how much potential we have to help people heal.

Chiropractic can also often minimize the amount of medication we need to take. Read more…